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DJ Snobound

Live @ Pogue Mahone's // 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM // May 25, 2018

Artist Information

DJ_Snobound! brings a level of excitement to an event that goes beyond just spinning tunes. With ‘creds built in the clubs of Toronto as a brash punk in the late 90’s, Sno has returned to the scene with a presence that truly distinguishes him from the masses of DJ/Engineers. Snobound often loses himself in the moment, and with a passion for entertainment, his energy infused performances meld with his Open Format Mega-Sets.

Sno’ is super approachable and eager to take on a last minute crowd request and show off his masterhood of Genre blending! Be sure to keep your ears open for creative “Drops” of the day! Sno understands his crowd, and knows that keeping them onboard for the ride, does not come from DJ school, it is built on years of knowledge, and Sno’ delivers!

Pogue Mahone Pub & Kitchen

777 Bay St | View Map

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