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Gareth Bush

LIVE @ POGUE MAHONE // 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM // January 10, 2019

Artist Information

Born in Halifax and having moved countless times along the East coast, Gareth Bush has since found his element in London Ontario, where he has resided since 2003. Since 16, Gareth has been song writing, busking, and performing locally in local music venues and bars.

Gareth recorded an EP that formed an experimentation of various different sounds. The EP contains the emotion of a Coldplay love ballad, a John Mayer acoustic vibe, Spill Canvas lyrics and a sound that Gareth can truly call his own.

After 6 years of acoustic songwriting, 2 years of recording and a lifetime of melodies – Gareth Bush’s debut EP delivers a powerful punch of crunching riffs and soulful ballads. It represents everything Gareth has accomplished thus far,and most importantly, a sign of things to come.

Since then, Gareth’s youtube covers, particularly his cover of “Scream & Shout” have been featured on television and radio stations internationally.

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Pogue Mahone Pub & Kitchen

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